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How Retail Security Systems Can Protect Your Business August 3, 2009

Product loss through theft, damage and pilferage is a common problem among shop owners and retailers.  Regardless of where a store is located and what it sells, the challenge about security is never ending.  Without a reliable system to protect products, stores will be at the losing end.  This type of security problem can be avoided, however.  Learn how retail security systems can assure your business the protection it deserves:

retail security systems

What are retail security systems?
A retail security system is a set of tools or equipment that are especially designed to work in a retail or shop environment.  These can consist of a variety of gadgets, including but not limited to security cameras and video surveillance, product monitoring and inventory, audio monitoring, and point-of-sale monitoring.

Retail security systems are usually categorized based on their main functions.  For visual monitoring and recording of store activities, for example, a single system could consist of surveillance cameras, a DVR and monitors.  For loss prevention due to shoplifting, a retail security system could consist of an electronic article surveillance or EAS with anti-theft tags and exit sensors.
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What works?
Every store has a unique set of security needs, depending on factors such as its products, services, physical layout and average number of customers on a given day.  A furniture shop, for example, will require a different retail security system than a store selling handheld digital products.  If the concern is about theft, monitoring smaller, digital products will be much more challenging than larger items like tables and chairs.

When choosing retail security systems, it is important to consider the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the store itself.  In a lot of cases, a live video monitoring system will usually work for many stores, although some shops may require far more intricate security systems.

The choice of a specific retail security system will also depend on the expected results of the shop owner.  Some owners, for example, want to use these systems to deter and detect theft and pilferage.  There are also others who prefer both security surveillance and detailed reports.

What to expect
There is a wide range of security systems that shop owners can choose from.  They can range from the most basic to the most sophisticated.  Some systems, such as those that make use of sensors and electronic locking devices, will require very little human intervention.  There are also others, such as video monitoring systems, that require manpower for live surveillance, review and analysis.

The cost of retail security systems will range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the number, model, brand and technology used.  Although slightly costly, the savings these systems can provide and the assurance of security they can offer will more than make up for their initial expense.